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Energy monitoring systems have become an essential function of efficiency-oriented assumptions. With SENSWAY in place, you can see energy usage intuitively, and this new energy information gives you confidence that you don’t waste energy or pay more to power companies than you need.
It also protects renewable energy investments by monitoring unexpected equipment failures. With the ability to measure energy usage and solar power across the house, SENSWAY helps reduce energy costs, optimize energy production, and protect assets.


For the purpose of systematic management of electricity facilities, the Electrical Safety Management Act, which mandates regular safety inspections of electric facilities by households in apartments, is implemented.

Electrical Safety Management Act

The Korea Electrical Safety Corporation is required to regularly inspect the electricity facilities installed in the apartment’s generation.
SENSWAY continuously monitors electrical usage and records history to alert you via text message and email if any unusual patterns are found. This helps you determine whether you are normally exposed to electrical hazards and prevent hazards.

Strengthening safety management of electrical and mechanical facilities in multi-family housing

Safety mandatory inspections will be strengthened, and there are also concerns about the increase in the burden on residents in terms of cost, such as appointing maintenance personnel in charge of inspections and purchasing inspection equipment.
As a result, there is a problem in the apartment management industry that is concerned about the increase in management costs due to the appointment of mechanical equipment maintenance personnel.
SENSWAY is the solution to reduce this burden by supporting KEPCO’s inspection and equipment.


Electrical equipment and safety checks for old detached houses are not optional but mandatory.

An Old Detached House

If an old detached house over 20 years old is not retroactively subject to enhanced safety standards, there is a high risk of electric fire.
SENSWAY continuously monitors energy usage and alerts you via text message and e-mail in the event of more than 20A current flowing through the switchgear and electronics problems. This prevents electrical fire hazards.

ASolar House

You can check the real-time power output and check the information through PV monitoring of solar homes.

A Solar House

Solar PV monitoring is available in all SENSWAY standards.
Track daily/monthly power output in real time and remotely collect and manage information about system health using email/mobile character auto-alarm capabilities to protect solar panels and inverters in your home and be very efficient in ROI tracking.
Also, by checking the power generation and water power on the same screen, you can intuitively see the additional import status of solar power.


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Improved energy efficiency for home appliances

Would you like to install LED lights or new high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment in your home?
After installation, SENSWAY can accurately track and continuously improve power savings, reducing energy costs and environmental changes, and improving energy efficiency through monitoring.

Asset management

With SENSWAY, real estate owners no longer need to visit sites where power meters are installed, record their own values, and learn energy information.
All you need to do is download that information from remote locations, such as your office, from your PC or smartphone. This way you can simplify multiple building management tasks or stay away from each other. In addition to real estate management, the equipment manager can configure SENSWAY to keep an eye on the equipment in question.

Saving money

The home has the smallest power consumer, often invisible. Lighting, clock chargers, etc. can cause significant costs throughout the year.
Additionally, the electronics ‘standby mode’ tends to draw current continuously from the connected outlet. To minimize power waste, ‘standby mode’ power is mostly less than 25W.
But that’s not always the case. Large amounts of energy can be wasted each day if the household is unloaded or miswired.
With SENSWAY, you can avoid unnecessary costs for these electronics, fix wrong wiring, and avoid wasting unnecessary costs throughout the year.

Child's bedtime warning

SENSWAY can monitor and analyze the power patterns of load in the home, and this function can be used to implement additional functions as follows.
e.g. after 10 p.m. every night, monitor the TV or computer in the children’s room and send a warning to their parents that their children are not sleeping if they have a power consumption of 500 W.