About Sensway®

J&D's Sensway® brand is the world's leading technology brand that manufactures and designs smart metering solutions that apply innovative voltage sensor and current sensor technology in the electrical energy management industry.

With our smart metering and communication solution "Sensway", you can implement a stable and effective smart grid system in the Decentralized Energy Grid future market.

Our Team

We are made up of qualified design engineers, software and firmware engineers, application engineers, production technicians, and sales and support professionals who are qualified to lead the smart metering market.

Customers and Partners

J&D's Sensway® brand energy metering products are the world's leading products in smart metering, smart grid, smart home or e-mobility. They are used by individuals, enterprises and institutions in distributed grid energy management, building automation, tenant sub-metering, end-use metering, equipment performance monitoring, verification, evaluation and diagnostic applications.

Customers and partners are pioneering the world of networked energy of the future through the Sensway® brand.