IoT-Ready Smart Meters

IoT-ready Smart Meters
DCM series are IoT-ready smart meters designed with security-optimized Azure RTOS-based operating system to provide optimal smart meter devices for the decentralized energy grid future market.

Utilities can use IoT-ready smart meters to instantly detect power outages or faults and verify full power recovery.

Because the collected data information is sent regularly throughout all day long, utilities can process the data to look for load trends related to power quality and peaks to inform decisions about where to build future infrastructure.

With IoT-ready smart meters, utilities and consumers can now predict and model cash flow scenarios throughout the month based on real-time usage.

With the real-time information transmitted by DCM smart meters, utilities are innovative products for cost savings, especially when decentralized energy resources are used. 
  • Excellent firmware isolation of legally relevant metrology.

  • Accuracy classes C, B (MID) or 0.2s, 0.5s, 1 (IEC) (for active energy).

  • Supports Active-Energy Meter standards

    : IEC 62053-11,IEC 62053-21 and

    IEC 62053-22; EN50470-3; OIML R46; and ANSI C12.20.

  • Supports reactiveenergy standards: IEC 62053-23,IEC62053-24.

  • Power quality measurements:IEC 61000-4-30 Class S.

  • Fulfils IEC62052-31 safety standard.

  • Standard and DLMS/COSEM High Level Security.

  • For use in overvoltage category III or IV environment.

  • Transformer connection (CT; CT/VT) and direct connect Smart Meter

  • Flexible Communication: The Meter has a variety of communication interfaces.

  • For wireless communication: Wi-sun and lte,etc.

  • For wired communication: Modbus TCP/RTU and CAN bus,Ethernet,etc.

  • Sensway-CTM-5 series
  • Sensway-DCM-120 series
  • Sensway-DCM-060&100 series

Model:Sensway-CTM-5 series

The CTM-5 is an enhanced upgrade of the CTS5 meter, built with a higher class accuracy of 0.2S and 0.5S,

catering to the high-end markets. The CTS5 is 

a high-precision meter created for

generation and transmission applications,

as well as for revenue metering at high-end 

consumer facilities.

Select and use the precision option of the solid-core current transformer and the split-type

current transformer of the line card of the current transformer connection.


• IEC62053-22: Class 0.5S

• IEC 62052-11,62053-23

Model:Sensway-DCM-120 series

DCM-120 series is a three phase multi-function smart meter with modular design.

It’s used for the accurate metering of commercial and residential customers.


• IEC62053-22: Class 0.5S

• IEC 62052-11,62053-23 

Model:Sensway-DCM-060&100 series

DCM-060&100 series is a single phase 

multi-function smart meter with modular design.

The meter is used to measure electrical energy accurately 

for commercial and residential customers.


• IEC62053-22: Class 0.5S

• IEC 62052-11,62053-23 

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