Summarizing the need for smart electricity metering, 

“Let’s use electricity efficiently! ” In other words, “Let's minimize wasted electricity!”

It measures electric energy consumption in real time through a digital electronic watt-hour meter 

and provides electricity consumption information to customers in real time by utilizing two-way data communication between consumers 

and power companies so that consumers can use electricity smartly.

Recently, as energy efficiency has become an issue due to climate change and energy resource depletion, 

the smart grid that combines electricity and IT technology is attracting attention as a next-generation growth engine. 

The smart grid emerged as a solution to reduce dependence on fossil fuel and nuclear power generation and to prepare for depletion.

For the realization of a successful smart grid, appropriate solutions are required in three areas: 

power generation, transmission and distribution, and retail. Accordingly, 

J&D Electronics operates an Azure RTOS-based operation with enhanced security optimized for the future market of a distributed energy grid for smart electricity metering. 

We have developed and released IoT-enabled smart meters designed as a system and meters with TOU applied.


In order to manage electricity consumption more smartly, by installing a watt-hour meter with a Time of Use (hereinafter referred to as “TOU”) 

program that can respond to hourly charging, so that consumers can consume electricity wisely.

TOU is a system and function that differentiates rates according to the season and time of day in which electricity is used. 

It is a method by which utilities attempt to mitigate demand during peak periods by implementing a rate structure in which increased rates are charged within normal peak periods.

KEPCO applies high rates during seasons (summer/winter) and times of high electricity consumption (maximum load), 

and low rates during seasons (spring/autumn) and time periods (light load, medium load) when electricity consumption is relatively low.

Through this, KEPCO is striving to stabilize power supply and demand by strengthening demand management based on electricity price function, 

reducing new investment costs and rationalizing resource use through demand management.



Within the smart grid system composed of smart meters (AMI), energy management system (EMS), 

energy storage system (ESS), electric vehicles and charging stations, distributed power sources, new and renewable energy, 

interactive information and communication technology, and intelligent transmission and distribution systems, 

smart electricity metering is the AMI area, and its application fields are as follows.

Industrial low-voltage, large-capacity customer meter reading

Currently, KEPCO's TOU rate system is applied to industrial, general, and educational purposes. In particular, 

in the case of industrial low-voltage and large-capacity customers, it is necessary to use a combination of 

CTs with appropriate capacities according to the contract power.

KEPCO is currently using a transformer instrument metering method with a combination transformer for power supply and demand (CT for cradle) 

and a CT-integrated watt-hour meter metering method, and it is expected to be gradually replaced by Utility Smart Meter jointly developed by J&D Electronics and KEPCO. 

Korean government’s Green New Deal household smart power platform project​

 “The home smart power platform project” is a government-sponsored Green New Deal project that provides electricity consumption information 

in 15-minute increments in real time to apartment household members to induce electricity bill savings 

and enable efficient power use. Starting from 2020, it is being promoted with the goal of building 5 million apartment households nationwide.

   It's main goal is to improve aging infrastructure and establish the basis for an intelligent power grid that the public can experience by distributing AMI, 

an intelligent power metering system that provides customers with information on electricity consumption 

and hourly rates in real time using a two-way communication network.

   J&D Electronics uses IoT-enabled smart meters designed with a security-optimized Azure RTOS-based operating system to provide optimal smart meter devices

 for the distributed energy grid future market, enabling immediate detection of power outages or faults and full power recovery. 

Because the collected data information is transmitted regularly throughout the day, utilities can process the data to find load trends related to power quality 

and peaks to inform decisions about where to build future infrastructure.


Utility Smart Meter​

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J&D Electronics' IoT-enabled smart meters, utilities and consumers can now predict and model cash flow scenarios throughout the month based on real-time usage, 

and with the Utility Smart Meter series, more accurately measure hourly energy usage, 

so energy Time-of-use (TOU) pricing programs that encourage savings are easier to implement.

Beyond pricing, smart meters can help utilities create efficient green energy buildings that provide better energy feedback to customers, 

categorize data based on individual appliances and devices, and interact with the smart grid.

For more information on J&D Electronics' smart electricity metering solutions, please refer to the application product information below.

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