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The concern about more precise and efficient current sensors and voltage sensors for smart energy meters is technology development, and development is innovation. It started 20 years ago.

SENSWAY energy platform at its peak

Honest technology and performance are the hard roots of innovation. The effort to find the answer to the problem turned out to be an achievement that went beyond the limits. Our future-oriented attempts change the meaning of basic electricity bill measurement and turn it into an intelligent energy IoT platform that thinks and takes the initiative. The future of energy IoT is here.

Build your own SENSWAY energy platform that provides more accurate ways to reduce electricity bills by measuring energy efficiency. The Beginning of the Energy IoT Platform In this era.


Genes of innovation. It is in the power of strong action and the constant thinking that governs it.

Optimized hardware design with energy meter features on the gateway is the foundation for innovation in new intelligent software technologies that dominate it.

SENSWAY, based on our solid technology, combines intelligent current sensors with gateways from multichannel energy meters. It consists of various environmental sensors and wired and wireless two-way communication. The unique technology of differentiated hardware and software, which allows customers to check in real-time that current sensors by rated current are properly installed on a quarterly basis, has innovative energy IoT platform technology that makes it easier for customers to install.

SENSWAY uses the same electricity rate measurement technology as Korea Electric Power Corporation’s electronic power meter calculation method. Optimizedelectrical energy efficiency measurement technology through a coordination system with customers provides customers with energy IoT platform services that optimize contract power contracted by KEPCO by taking more effective measures to reduce electricity bills.


In this era when climate change and environmental pollution are getting worse, electric energy also has to think about the environment.
Today, changes in “green” electrical energy are required, such as managing environmental pollution levels through eco-friendly power generation, reducing electricity bills, and blocking standby power.

Whatis the way to realize the savings in electricity bills in your life?

Green electrical energy, not far away. SENSWAY’s energy consumption efficiency measurement management through smart energy meters results in innovative electricity savings for consumers’ green energy usage goals. Building a real-time data platform that manages uneven power quality and enables time-to-time and contextual analysis monitoring can be one answer.
Buildings that are aging over time, along with electricity facilities, are also aging. Minimizing unused electrical energy, such as short circuits, over-energies and standby power, can produce a smaller amount of electrical energy and be a fundamental solution to the environmental pollution caused by fossil fuel generation.
Energy efficiency rating system of buildings is essential in new buildings. It shows that the success or failure of green electrical energy is to reduce electricity bills by measuring the efficiency of electric energy consumption.

SENSWAY is an energy IoT platform for measurement and management of energy consumption efficiency that can manage not only buildings but also various electrical facilities and electronic devices used in them.

Q Transition

The Fourth Revolution. It means the transition from Quantity to Quality.

In an era when we have no choice but to check and confirm the quality of the product, the quality of the air, we cannot help but think about the quality of the electricity.

In an era when more flexible choices are made from unilateral power supply and demand procedures provided and controlled by Korea Electric Power Corporation, an innovative platform that enables higher quality of electricity to be maintained and managed. Strong and sophisticated technologies increase product stability, while smart energy meters and current sensors for efficient management of electrical energy combine with intelligent modules to enable smarter use of electricity.

The SENSWAY electrical energy consumption efficiency measurement management platform aims for the best life you can choose in the era of Q transformation.


Excessive electricity bills, frequent failures of electronics may not be just quality problems of electronics.

Unstable electrical quality problems can cause electronics problems, and the electronics in question have a vicious cycle, causing standby power and overcurrent again.

The older the building is, the more frequent it is, the more frequent it is, and this is also a sign of a threatening situation that could cause electric shock, fire, and explosion of electronics. You can identify problems by checking the higher electricity charges, but it is difficult to identify when, where, and what equipment is causing the problem.

In addition, excessive inspection costs associated with a full investigation for building safety management are a big burden to customers.

SENSWAY to address these concerns is:
The energy meter is designed with multi-channel design. The best alternative to efficient electrical energy management is to ensure stable use of electrical equipment, reasonable electricity bills, and prevent short circuit accidents that can lead to major accidents.

“SENSWAY Brought by Innovative New Technology”

Here, the only energy consumption efficiency measurement platform that will
change the world through you.

According to Aztec mythology, Jaguars are one of the four suns that support the world and are symbolic of mysterious power. A quiet, fast, but delicate feature with strong power has come to us as a mystery.

In addition to Aztec, which embodies God in the shape of a black jaguar with wings, the Western world still accepts jaguar as a symbol of this mysterious power. Another mystery, electricity, was a secret force that science could not reveal until the 19th century. The electrical phenomenon that causes fire, is faster than sound, and appears and disappears in an instant, even if it’s not hot at all, was just one of the great forces of Mother Nature.

Today, when electricity has become more efficient than steam, internal combustion engine energy, we face mystery in another way. A biography from the mysteries of nature to the mysteries of the city Today’s electricity is the power that moves the world, and it reveals its mystery to us.

SENSWAY believes that operating the mysterious power of nature, electricity, also requires an instinct like Jaguar and Jaguar. Through this, customers will fly high into the new smart energy IoT era with SENSWAY.

Thank you.