Recently, interest in the power quality of the AC system is increasing due to the spread of distributed power sources such as solar power generation 

and wind power generation, the spread and expansion of power electronic application devices, and the diversification of load facilities.

By monitoring and analyzing the power quality, it is possible to prevent system damage and interruption in advance, 

and it is easier to find a solution by isolating the problem area separately in the future.

If a power quality meter is installed and continuously monitored, managers can respond more actively to power quality problems, 

and prevent problems in productivity and business revenue loss caused by downtime and production loss in advance.

In the case of alternating current, power quality means transient voltage and current, individual waveform capture, harmonic distortion, 

sag and swell, frequency fluctuation, and power factor that are out of a predetermined range and affect the operation of electronic devices.

Regarding the definition of these parameters, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has been working on a 

measurement method for quality parameters related to AC power, and currently IEC 61000-4-30 Class A and Class S, 

IEC61000-4- 7 Harmonic measurements and flicker are defined in IEC61000-4-15, 

and most utilities have adopted these power quality standards.



ESCO(Energy Service Company) Industry

The most important role of an energy specialist designated as an ESCO is to find and 

analyze problem areas of power used by companies, suggest improved measures, 

and lead to efficient use of energy through normal power quality management.

Automotive Industry

In order to produce automobiles, loads sensitive to poor power quality, 

such as robots and control systems, are used. 

Using welding robots and inverter motors generates harmonics and poor power factor, 

minimizing the ripple effect on the entire power system and using efficient energy. 

To achieve this, power quality monitoring and management are required.

Data Center​

A data center is a typical power-consuming facility in which servers and facilities are operated in a 

constant pattern throughout the year, and power quality and price are very important for location.

Poor power quality in data centers can cause a wide range of problems, 

such as high restoration costs (repair of damaged servers, storage, etc., equipment replacement, etc.).

Power quality monitoring can be used effectively to find proactive answers to these issues.

Health care

Healthcare facilities operate with the most critical systems and devices when lives are at stake, 

and feature the widest variety of electrical and electronic loads, from computers, lighting, 

food equipment, laundry and gas supplies to highly sensitive medical diagnostic equipment. 

This creates an environment in which power quality problems can often occur.

Food & Beverage Industry​

Power supply disruption in the F&B sector, such as beverages, bakery and confectionery, 

dairy products, and cooking oil, can disrupt the operation of precision machinery used in production, 

resulting in material loss, contamination, and production delays.

Semiconductor Industry​

Processes in the semiconductor industry in various manufacturing areas, 

such as wafers and memory chips, processors and sensors, 

rely on a constant and clean electricity supply due to stringent requirements.

Electrical quality problems can have a significant impact on a company's operations, 

including production loss, quality degradation, downtime, and loss of revenue and market share.


Water treatment industry​

In general, the electrical loads of a water treatment plant consist mostly of two or three major loads.

 It is different from most other industries in that it consumes 10% of power and influences overall power quality.

    These loads are usually large motors for water pumps, compressors and aerators, which are facilities that artificially supply oxygen.

    There are many sectors in the water industry that require power protection, such as water and wastewater treatment, 

desalination, pumping stations, and water transmission and distribution. 

If the processes affected by poor power quality include biological steps, living organisms will be affected and the consequences will be more severe.

     As in other industries, power quality problems 
    in the water treatment industry have serious side effects such as:
    • Low efficiency​
    • Energy loss​
    • Increased equipment downtime and​ reduced equipment reliability​
    • Water pollution problems​
    This can have devastating consequences for the public.​

                  Health care Industry​

                  Healthcare facilities are characterized by having the most diverse electrical and electronic loads, from computers, lighting, 

                  food equipment, laundry and gas supplies to highly sensitive medical diagnostic equipment.

                    These varied electrical loads create an environment in which power quality problems can often occur. 

                  Healthcare facilities are very sensitive to power quality issues. 

                  Because even a little downtime can put patients' health at risk.

                    Common problems include: ​
                    • Display​ distortion
                    • Device lock 
                    • Data​ loss
                    • Adverse effects on medical procedures​
                    • Control loss and malfunction

                                            Semiconductor industry​

                                            The semiconductor industry has very demanding applications in motion control,

                                                where extreme accuracy and precision are required, making power protection and power quality very important.

                                                Lost production, poor quality, and downtime can have a devastating impact on semiconductor fabs, ultimately leading to lost revenue and market share.

                                                Wafer cutting, for example, is a particularly sensitive area where voltage drops can cut wire saws, causing costly downtime and product loss.

                                                Also waste of material throughout the entire process. In addition to production facilities, support facilities such as pumps and chillers must also be protected from

                                                harsh environments. It is based on PQ monitoring analysis and how important clean power is to the application.

                                            Food & Beverage Industry​

                                            F&B has several sectors that require power regulation and protection, such as the baking, confectionery, 

                                            beverage, dairy, cooking oil, grain, meat, poultry, seafood, sugar and aquaculture sectors.

                                            Power problems during operation can lead to millions of dollars in unnecessary costs and hazardous health conditions for consumers.

                                            For example, dairy producers need to accurately track the temperature of their milk throughout the entire process, 

                                            so even a small power system failure can result in a failed temperature sensor, forcing an entire batch of valuable product to be discarded.

                                            Additionally, unscheduled downtime can lead to spoilage and waste of valuable dairy products. 

                                            Lost production time can cost a lot of time and thousands of dollars while procuring and sterilizing more milk.

                                              In conclusion, power supply disturbances in the F&B industry can disrupt the 
                                              operation of precision machinery used in production, resulting in:
                                              • Material loss​
                                              • Loss of specific unit of production
                                              • Increase in non-delivery, delivery delays and downtime​
                                              • Contamination of food and beverages​

                                                                                        PRODUCT INTRODUCTION​

                                                                                        PQ meter​

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                                                                                        With the Sensway 6300 series, J&D Electronics offers a simple and powerful solution for power monitoring, kWh metering, power quality analysis and more.

                                                                                        This device ais a revenue grade device used to monitor energy consumption and power quality in buildings, 

                                                                                        automation or power distribution systems, and provides vital information such as metering data, waveform capture, harmonics, 

                                                                                        alarm limits and I/Os for energy analysis and control.

                                                                                        For more information on J&D Electronics' PQ monitoring solutions, please refer to the application product information below.​

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