Multi-circuit Submeters  
The Sensway 4130 and 4115 are energy meters that can measure both AC and DC power.

A next-generation multi-circuit submeter designed to combine a data logger and web server for an online user interface and measure multiple circuits using CTid technology for quick and easy installation in high-density, multi-point applications.

 This powerful combination allows you to measure, store, and retrieve data directly from your device or remote location. In addition to calculating power (V, A, VAr, kWh, etc.), it also calculates data from optional sensors that evaluate flow, temperature, wind speed, and more.

View historical and real-time data in 15-minute increments for up to 30 years using the convenient features of your device. User Interface (UI) can be accessed from a computer, tablet, or smartphone over the local network or the Internet. Once connected, you can access real-time values, long-term reports, an interactive graphical interface, and many other tools.

It is designed for monitoring revenue grades of renewable and distributed power at the heart of the smart grid, real-time energy consumption in commercial, industrial and residential facilities, and power quality analysis by professional users. 

Compatible Electrical Services

AC Voltage

Single-Phase (1p/2w) 120, 208, and 240VAC

Split-Phase (2p/3w) 120/240VAC

3-Phase (3p/4w) 120/208, 277/480VAC

DC Voltage

Single source of +/-60VDC

The meter can be powered with 9-60VDC


15 or 30 current transformer (CT) inputs

5A-6900A per channel

DC CTs are required for DC power monitoring

Data protocols and Networking

Supported Data Protocols

Export: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, BACnet/IP, XML

Import: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP

Networking Options

Built-in: Ethernet, HomePlug AV (powerline communication)

USB Accessory: WiFi, Cellular

  • Sensway 4130
  • Sensway 4115
  • Accessory

Model:Sensway 4130

The Sensway 4130 is a 30 channel energy meter with 0.5% revenue grade accuracy compliance and the ability to measure residential or commercial circuit panels, up to 3-phase 277/480VAC and 6900A. 

Model:Sensway 4115

The Sensway 4115 is a 15 channel energy meter with 0.5% revenue grade accuracy compliance and the ability to measure residential or commercial circuit panels, up to 3-phase 277/480VAC and 6900A. 


- AC Split Current Sensor

  Without dismantling the AC MCCB branch circuit on the AC distribution board,

  This product is designed to be installed quickly even without a power outage.
  : LINK: IACT-I series

- DC split current sensor

  This product is designed to allow rapid installation without dismantling

  the ESS and DC distribution boards DC MCCB.
  : LINK: IDCS-I series

- Environmental Sensors

  This device detects environmental element information such as pressure,

  temperature, acceleration, etc. and converts it into an electrical signal.

Graphical Monitoring Tools

The Sensway UI brings the powerful combination of an energy meter, data logger, and web server to your web browser. This unique combination allows users to access data by connecting directly to a device from a web browser on the local area network, or from an off site location via proxy server. Any of these connection options provide the same interface, complete with a strong feature set. Our developers work to constantly to improve the available functionality and tools, and upgrading an Sensway Pro to utilize these new features does not cost any extra. One tool that users find particularly useful is the interactive graph because you can combine and compare multiple data points, or adjust the view to focus on a specific area of interest. In addition to the graph, a user has access to monthly summaries, alerts, and more. Overall, the UI makes it possible to isolate, analyze, and understand raw data from the Sensway Pro. In essence, the UI converts data into useful information.

Live Action Graph

Real-time Data


Spreadsheet Export


Advanced Analytics

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