SENSWAY is a great fit for sizing renewable energy and battery systems by measuring power generation and consumption loads. Often these systems are used to reduce the maximum demand for industrial facilities. Continuous monitoring of these facilities is important because changing equipment or work habits can change the demand for power. This is because a single day of neglect can incur unnecessary costs for the business.

SENSWAY continuously monitors these changes and issues immediate alerts to prevent loss.


Submetering for multi-family buildings offers building owners and tenants a way to reduce costs by improving energy efficiency. Since the energy consumption will vary drastically for each resident, each resident will have a different amount depending on the space or the number of users.

You can make sure you’re charged fairly. By accurately calculating energy costs, the satisfaction of residents is increased. They can be encouraged to have lower energy usage.

Utility Billing Service

The SENSWAY Pro meter works with automated billing services to simplify multi-complex building submetering projects and eliminate the need to manually record and deliver claims.

If you have a preferred claimant, you can work with SENSWAY meter data to work with that system. Another option is to measure up to 30 residential with one SENSWAY meter Which can make a great solution for integrated submetering.

Site Management

Managing the building sites with existing sub-metres may be a slow process. As with the development of the Internet, like the SENSWAY Pro meter, the meter is connected to the Internet.

Therefore the site manager no longer has to walk to where the meter is. Simply open a web browser in the office and download the information.

Renewable Energy

With the installation of renewable energy generation facilities, customers have new opportunities to generate revenue. In addition to renewable energy systems, SENSWAY can track and record these revenues with revenue-grade accuracy, and analyze energy consumption using these high-precision measurements.

Given these benefits, SENSWAY can complement its investment by preventing unexpected production losses and improving all energy utilization. It also provides basic data for Renewable Energy Certificate (REC), which is a direct source of income for investors in renewable energy businesses such as solar and wind power generation and can be used as a tool to verify the normal state of REC.

New and Renewable Energy Inverters

Because each inverter manufacturer has its own monitoring and communication protocols, it can be cumbersome for renewable energy generators to manage a variety of branded equipment without the use of expensive monitoring software.

SENSWAY users can now choose to operate all inverters with a single monitoring solution and in addition to reducing complexity. Also they can use their own brand, not their third-party brand, by viewing each device’s corporate logo on the monitor screen.

Measuring Power Device Efficiency

The most important factor that affects profitability is the conversion efficiency of power plants or renewable energy generators.
As the use of inverters for motors spreads to reduce energy use, checking the condition of motors through efficiency measurements is critical to reducing costs.

SENSWAY measures DC power and AC power measured through the inverter or input/output end of the PCS to analyze power conversion efficiency and check status with built-in web server and data logger functions.

Energy Storage System Management

The Energy Storage System (ESS) is a very effective means of improving power energy efficiency that can be stored and used at the right time when needed. However, since the battery investment cost is high, it is necessary to select an appropriate battery capacity relative to the profit. With the

SENSWAY system, you can monitor the amount of power generation (transmission amount) and the amount of power received to estimate the appropriate capacity of the battery storage system.
By monitoring the current trend, SENSWAY can directly and indirectly check the accumulation and behavioral abnormalities of data for capacity calculation of the battery system.

Real-time Alarm

Energy utilization is more complex than ever and energy professionals work hard to prevent loss from unexpected errors. Equipment such as industrial freezers, for example, should always be monitored because a system crash could mean capital loss and investor unhappiness.

Tools such as SENSWAY can help energy professionals avoid this loss by monitoring unexpected activity and sending alerts via text message and email.

Power Usage Pattern Analysis

The oscilloscope functional tools on your screen give professional users the opportunity to leverage power factors for power quality analysis, such as power factor, phase offset, polarity, waveform, and more.

Power Analysis

Power analysis meters have historically been very expensive for many energy professionals. SENSWAY suggest affordable, powerful power analytics. Record 1 second interval data for up to 30 days Combined with a data logger that records data every minute of the year, it is an excellent choice for collecting everything from peak demand to power factor and voltage phase imbalance.

Given these benefits, SENSWAY can complement its investment by preventing unexpected production losses and improving all energy utilization. It also provides basic data for Renewable Energy Certificate (REC), which is a direct source of income for investors in renewable energy businesses such as solar and wind power generation and can be used as a tool to verify the normal state of REC.

Peak Demand and Base Load Analysis

Utilities are constantly looking for ways to reduce demand for short-term and high-consumption commercial power. Power companies are limiting their peak demand to prevent customers from quickly increasing their power consumption beyond the expected baseline load. This method is demand response (DR) that changes electricity users’ usage to meet current demand for power. And it support to protects the power system from economic loss and maintains a reliable power grid.

SENSWAY is designed to capture instant base loads and peak demand spikes and is an amazing tool for energy professionals who are looking to dramatically reduce their customers’ electricity costs.

Power Quality Measurements

The quality of power can affect the condition of the electronics and increase the electricity bill.
Because commonly used power meters do not provide this information, it is difficult to understand power quality without a meter with built-in power quality features. Without knowing the power factor and harmonic distortion, it is difficult to determine whether the power quality is poor, and this lack of information can increase the total cost spent.

By leveraging SENSWAY, you can track power quality costs, so you can be confident that you won’t waste money on utilities.

Power Factor

Power factor refers to the ratio of the effective power used by the load to the superficial power supplied to the load. To put it simply, the percentage of power that actually works out of the total amount of power input, which indicates how efficient a building or equipment uses power. This value ranges from 0 to 1, meaning 1 is the perfect power without invalid power. Low power factor means that you are actually paying more power than you would for these loads.

SENSWAY can measure the power factor at up to 30 loads at a time, saving time to measure by moving the location on a single power meter.

Harmonic Distortion

THD is a measure of the waveform distortion of the electrical service on a voltage or current waveform. Generated with switching loads and large inductive loads. High THD is important in electrical systems as it can cause unnecessary heating in building wiring. It can also be an important factor in systems with sensitive electronics.

Too high a THD can cause electrical devices to overheat over time, especially the transformer to fail. Therefore, the power company is connected to distributed power distribution system standards and transmission.The distortion is restricted according to the regulations on the use of electrical equipment for power distribution.

KEPCO Rate System

SENSWAY is applying Korea Electric Power Corporation’s seasonal and time-based electricity bill and the maximum demand power-based plan for high-pressure accommodation.

KEPCO rate schedule of the seasonal and time /rate based on maximum demand

The rate schedule of the seasonal and time is the way that divides a day into three acccording to the season(spring, summer, winter) and charges electricity bill. The peak demand power-based plan refers to a plan that charges high-pressure customers based on the highest demand power in the previous 12 months, including the month of meter reading, December, January, February, July, August, September and September.

Therefore, SENSWAY allows users to understand intuitively whether KEPCO’s electricity bill is normal or not, and gives users a more intuitive understanding than just electricity usage.
To reflect this, you can plan for power consumption, such as increasing or decreasing power usage.