What is
Energy IoT?

It is an innovative energy IoT solution that implements real-time data platforms with web server and data logger in multichannel energy meter.
Customers can build their own energy consumption efficiency measurement systems based on usage, such as industrial, commercial, and home use. This can be compared to measuring the components of the body for human health care and using it to form an effective exercise and diet.

for electrical energy

SENSWAY can collect data of customer’s electrical equipment such as power / air conditioning / air conditioning / heating equipment with SENSWAY’s measuring equipment.

After that, you can check patterns and graph at once by setting the measurement elements required for each application field, such as Voltage/Current/Frequency.

Based on various data analysis results, consumers can reduce electricity bills through optimal energy consumption efficiency measurement.



Amanual is provided for easy installation and maintenance even bynon-professionals.

In addition, SENSWAY can provide and configureuser-optimized screens such as real-time values, reports, and interactivegraphical interfaces.


KEPCO Electricity Bill

KEPCO’sseasonal/hourly/peak load based rate system is applied.

Therefore, Electricityconsumption information can be checked and efficient electricity use can beplanned by reflecting the expected rate.



Data can be obtained using optional sensors such as flow rate, temperature, and wind speed, as well as power (V, A, Var, kWh, etc.).


Real-time remote monitoring control

To maximize real-time measurement, direct management through the platform and remote monitoring services through online are provided.

Through this data such as power devices, air conditioners and refrigerators can be measured remotely. As option remote controlling data stored and retrieved can be offered.


Accessibility and Security

Data records can be preserved for up to 10 years.

You can also manage your existing and real-time data with your computer, tablet or smartphone using a convenient UI without having to build a separate server or purchase software.


Affordable maintenance

Since installation, there is no additional cost to maintenance and maintenance, making it possible for anyone, anywhere in the country, to use any electrical facility for a long time.