Sub Metering provides building managers&owners the ability to see individual tenant-by-tenant electrical energy usage, 

providing the data they need to get a clear picture of their energy consumption.

Building owners and managers who have installed a Revenue-Grade meter can induce fair and accurate energy billing 

and appropriate consumption to tenants, and through metering data, both tenants and owners can participate in energy saving initiatives, mutually beneficial.

J&D Electronics provides a MULTI-CIRCUIT sub-meter for both AC and DC with various measurement functions including 

V, A, VAr, and kWh as well as power quality and demand.

For more information on J&D Electronics' Sub Metering product line, please see the Application Products section below.



Multi-family building

Submetering in multi-tenant buildings can provide homeowners and renters with a means 

to reduce costs by improving energy efficiency. 

This can bring equality to tenants who are billed based on square footage or occupancy, 

as each tenant's energy consumption can still vary greatly. By accurately allocating energy costs, 

you can increase tenant satisfaction, reduce turnover, 

and reduce energy consumption by tenants who use more than their fair share.

Asset Management​

With the development of Internet-connected meters such as J&D Electronics' Sensway 4130 

and 4115 MULTI-CIRCUIT Sub-meter, asset managers no longer need to walk to the meter 

and record the values to retrieve energy information.

Now all you have to do is open a web browser from your office and download that information. 

This approach simplifies management of multiple buildings or remote locations.

Administrators can also configure the MULTI-CIRCUIT Sub-meter to keep an eye on problematic equipment. 

For example, elevators and HVAC equipment can set up automatic alerts in the event of a breakdown to 

speed up repairs and keep occupants happy.

Commercial Tenant Sub-Metering​

Commercial tenant sub-metering includes applications such as shopping malls and​

office buildings. By implementing sub-metering at these facilities,​

building managers/engineers can closely monitor energy consumption by occupant, ​

providing tenants with the data they need to accurately bill and identify potential ​

inefficiencies in energy consumption.​

Industrial Tenant Sub-metering​

Energy consumption is a high cost in facilities such as factories and industrial plants.​

For this reason, subsidized tenant metering is critical to understanding the energy ​

consumption needs of individual tenants while providing accurate and responsible billing.​

In addition to the above, sub-metering is very useful for measuring the load of educational institutions, 

municipalities,​ restaurant industries and franchises, and branch lines of each load 

(ex. lighting, electric heat, HVAC, etc.).​


Multi-Curcuit Submeter​

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J&D Electronics' Sensway 4130 and 4115 multi-circuit submeters are energy meters capable of measuring both AC​

and DC power, combining a data logger and web server for an online user interface and using CTid technology to​

measure multiple circuits. Multi-circuit submeters are quick and easy to install in high-density multi-point applications.​

For more information on J&D Electronics' sub-metering solutions, please refer to the application product information​ below.​

    Main Specifications​


                      AC Voltage
                      - L1: 85-277 Vrms, L2:0-277Vrms, L3:0-277Vrms

                      DC Voltage
                      - 42 Vrms, Power:9-60Vdc, Measurement:+/-60Vdc


                      - 15 channels / 30 channels 5-6900Amaxperchannel Isolatedinputs

                      - 50 or 60 Hz
                      Logging Values
                      - V, A, W, Wh, Hz, VA, VAr, THD, deg
                      Power Draw
                      - 12W max, 2W typical

                      Data Logger Capacity

                      Register Count

                      - 64 (data storage points)

                      Granularity (duration/avg)

                      - 10 yrs/15 minute


                      Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 – LAN)

                      User Interface(Compatible Browsers )

                      Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer

                        Supporting Documents​
                        Product Datasheet​
                        Installation User's Manual​
                        Modbus Map​
                        PC Software​

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