The DCS-I series is a compact design commercial DC billing meter designed for the DC microgrid future market.Sensway-DCS series can measure DC current using an external DC current sensor with open-loop digital isolation technology designed as a split-core type or a solid-core type on a busbar or cable depending on the installation method of the primary conductor....

  • Accuracy classes C, B (MID) or 0.5s, 1 (IEC) (for active energy).
  • Supports active energy standards
    : IEC 62053-11,IEC 62053-21 and IEC 62053-22; EN50470-3; OIML R46; and ANSI C12.20.
  • Supports reactiveenergy standards: IEC 62053-23,IEC62053-24.
  • Power Quality Indication: Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) Fulfils IEC62052-31 safety standard.
  • Standard and DLMS/cosem High Level Security.
  • For use in overvoltage category III or IV environmen.
  • Transformer connection (CT; CT/VT) and direct connect Smart Meter.
  • Flexible Communication: The Meter has a variety of communication interfaces.
  • For wireless communication: Wi-sun and lte,etc.
  • For wired communication: Modbus TCP/RTU and CAN bus,Ethernet,etc.

Three Phase CT- Smart Meter

Sensway-SE5 series

The SE5 is an enhanced upgrade of the se5 meter, built with a higher class accuracy of 0.5S, catering to the high-end markets.

The SE5 is a high-precision meter created for generation and transmission applications, as well as for revenue metering at high-end consumer facilities.

Select and use the precision option of the solid-core current transformer and the split-type current transformer of the line card of the current transformer connection. 

• IEC62053-22: Class 0.5S
• IEC 62052-11,62053-23

> Sensway-SE5 series (PDF)

Three Phase 120A(100A) direct connect Smart Meters

Sensway-SE-120 series

SE-120 series is a three phase smart meter with modular design.

It’s used for the accurate metering of commercial and residential customers. 

• IEC62053-21: Class 1
• IEC 62052-11,62053-23 

> Sensway-SE-120 series (PDF)

Single Phase 60A(100A) Smart Meters

Sensway-SE-060&100 series

SE-060&100 series is a single phase smart meter with modular design.

The meter is used to measure electrical energy accurately for commercial and residential customers.

• IEC62053-21: Class 1
• IEC 62052-11,62053-23 

> Sensway-SE-060&100 series (PDF)