Energy IoT

Innovative Energy IoT Solutions for Reducing Electricity bill, SENSWAY

The world's only energy IoT platform, SENSWAY, equipped with gateway, web server, and data logger functions, multi-channel energy meters that can be connected with current, voltage sensors, and various environmental sensors.

KEPCO’scharging system.

Electricity bill can be predictable by applying Korean Electricity bill system.

Electricityusage analysis

Purpose the fitted KEPCO contact power by analysis of electricity usage.


The multi-channel energy meter which has web server and the data logger is data platform.


Optimalmeasurement and management of
electrical energy consumption efficiency
through real-time motifing


SENSWAY Energy Platform
Distinctive Features

Electricitybill reduction

Through analysis Electricity data, you can see the power usage amount and usage pattern. Therefore, you can save the electricity.

Applying KEPCO's charging system

Seasonal/hourly/peak load based rate is applied to view electricity bill information. You can plan to use electricity efficiently by reflecting the estimated rate

Real-time Remote Control

Along with real-time analysis of power consumption, remote monitoring through online access is possible


No need to build separate servers or buy software. Easily view your data through PCs, mobile, and tablets.


Independent energy consumption efficiency measurement system according to the method of use such as commercial,
industrial, household, etc.


Solutions for the management of numerous electronic devices and equipment in ommercial facilities such as restaurants, fitness centers, hospitals, etc.


A solution that continuously monitors industrial equipment and facilities by measuring power generation and power consumption.


An intuitive solution for checking and managing energy usage in homes and apartments