aPRIL 28, 2021

Solar Power Monitoring

What is the most effective solar power monitoring system?

Power generation has been decreasing due to the recent aging of renewable energy plants.

The reduction of power generation volume leads to loss of profit of the power generation

business operator, and measures are needed to increase the efficiency of power generation.

As a way to do that, solar power plant monitoring system products

based on cloud platforms are attracting attention.

The cloud platform-based solar power plant monitoring system is a product

that can measure the efficiency of power generation facilities as well as

power generation data and check the failure diagnosis in real time.

However, the high maintenance cost does not bring a significant return on investment

to the power generation operator.

If so, it's based on a cloud platform with low maintenance costs.

What is the solar power monitoring system?

Here’s an efficient solar power plant monitoring system with only hardware devices

without maintenance costs.

It’s J&D Electronics’ recently released SENSWAY brand.

Measuring equipment and cloud platforms for direct current & AC voltage

and current, power quality, power volume, arc of PV panel, leakage measurement monitoring

of ESS and inverter efficiency measurement of DC to AC were not very effective for

solar power operators in terms of complex installation and cost.

These problems can be addressed through the SENSWAY energy platform.

SENSWAY is an energy platform that can store and monitor voltage, current,

and power quality and power volume data simultaneously using a voltage sensor

and split current sensor that can be measured both AC and DC based on IoT gateway energy meter.

In addition, AC and DC efficiency measurements can be set more easily in the user cloud,

and the option is to measure temperature, humidity, vibration, leakage current, etc.,

download the application free of charge to your smartphone, and use it immediately.

The SENSWAY platform is a solar power plant monitoring solution that makes it easier

and cheaper for solar power plant operators to access.

SENSWAY is the most effective alternative for next-generation optimal solar monitoring as a solution that can diagnose and measure efficiency, manage safety, and manage real-time power generation revenue from solar power plants or new plants.

Use the application to easily check anywhere on your PC, mobile.

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