ApriL 28, 2021

Lower your Electricity bills

What services are there to lower your electricity bill?

The most common way to lower your electricity bills is to reduce electricity usage

by using standby power cut-off, energy-efficient devices and production facilities,

or by replacing LEDs and old equipment.

In recent years, we use an energy meter to determine whether the contract power

is over calculated by using a pattern of electricity usage and to reduce

the basic electricity bill by changing the contract power or checking

the peak time electricity usage.

Mainly, electricity bill consulting companies provide free electricity bill consulting

to business owners as part of their policies to improve efficient use of electricity

and excessive spending on electricity bills for small and medium-sized businesses.

At this time, there is an over-promotion operation that the electricity bill reduction

is significant, including the case of electricity bill reduction in the consulting service.

In addition, even with a small reduction in electricity bills, the savings

in electricity bills are unlikely to result in a substantial reduction in the cost of

a business owner’s investment without continuous service.

What service is there that allows business owners to reduce their electricity bills and consult for free every month?

Even without the help of an electrical consulting expert, there is a total energy management

solution called SENSWAY, which allows business owners to check their electricity usage

and patterns with their own eyes and use them more easily and economically.

User can easily install the power meter and sensor on site according to the manual, Through the user interface(UI) of the application downloaded from


the PC and smartphone, It is a service that enables monitoring and mangment of power energy.

In addition, it is an IoT gateway-type energy solution equipped with an electricity consumption management UI based on electricity quality and

electricity bills. Built-in web server and data logger. And monitoring is possible in conjunction with temperature, humidity and vibration sensors.

In addition, remote control of wiring breakers allows easier load management

and prevents fire, sudden power failure and equipment failure due to overload.

Electricity-based load management is the most reasonable and efficient demand management

method for electricity bills, and indirect demand management method in which consumers

voluntarily adjust their electricity usage patterns to reduce electricity bills.

These include the basic fare peak linkage system, seasonal and hourly

differential rate system, demand-controlled optional rate system (CPP) and late-night power plan.

In particular, the Basic Rate Peak Interlink System is a rate system that encourages customers

to control their own peak demand by charging basic electricity meter

based on the maximum power of the year to reduce electricity bills.

The monthly base rate calculation is based on the peak of the month of inspection and the peak of Summer (July-September) & Winter (December-

February) in the previous 12 months. How can a business that has to sue electricity save electricity bills by avoiding peak rates?

There is a way to properly distribute the electricity load by using the peak reduction ESS during peak rate hours.

SENSWAY is a product that can analyze patterns of AC power and DC power at the same in real-time. It is an innovative sensway product that can be used together with various IoT solutions to become an optimal alternative to more professional electricity bill management. 

It is important for employers to keep in mind that lower the electricity bills can be less than expected unless they are interested in electricity management efficiency.

Use the application to easily check anywhere on your PC, mobile.

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