aPRIL 28, 2021

Power Quality Analysis

How can we analyze power quality in real time?

Due to the recent increase in distributed power connections and charging stations for electric vehicles,

the need and interest in checking electrical quality has increased.

This is because the quality of electricity has a significant impact on the life of power devices.

Therefore, customers want to check the safety of electricity and the possibility of causing problems

with home appliances and equipment through the monitoring of electricity quality.

So, how can customers affordably and accurately monitor power quality?

J&D Electronics’ SENSWAY energy platform enables accurate

and simple power quality monitoring.

And while power quality measurements are typically expensive,

SENSWAY is inexpensive and very easy to install.

In other words, SENSWAY is the best solution for delivering affordable

and accurate power analysis data by effectively utilizing components for power analysis.

Sensway’s high-precision power measurement solution logs data every second, allowing you

to store up to 10 years of data in your own memory with default settings.

These solutions are ideal for collecting a wide range of data from power peak demand

to power factor and voltage phase imbalance.

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1. Peak demand and base load analysis

tilities are limiting peak power demand to prevent customers from quickly increasing

their power consumption beyond the expected baseline load.

This is a demand response (DR) that changes electricity user usage to meet

current demand for electricity.

A way to protect the power system from economic loss and to help maintain

a reliable power grid.

To take advantage of this, sensingway can be used as a tool for analyzing the cost of electricity

for customers by identifying the underlying load and peak demand spikes at a certain time.

2. Real-time alerts

Equipment such as industrial freezers always needs monitoring because failure of the system

can mean loss of capital and investor unhappiness.

The Sensway energy platform monitors unexpected power activity and alerts you

via text message and email to help you avoid loss.

3. Analysis of power usage trends

To reduce energy costs, investments in new technologies and facilities require monitoring

of power usage patterns before and after implementation.

And this information can drive investor confidence and lead to additional investments

in efficiency measurements.

The Sensway energy platform is ideal for long-term energy projects

by using accumulated energy information.

First of all, data is stored locally, so you don’t have to rely on separate servers

to acquire your information.

4. Power Quality Measurement

The quality of power can affect the condition of the electronics and increase the cost of electricity.

Because commonly used power meters do not provide power quality information,

power quality features are required.

By leveraging the Sensway energy platform, you can track the cost of power quality,

so you can be confident that you won’t waste money on utilities.

5. Power factor

Power factor refers to the ratio of the effective power used by the load

to the superficial power supplied to the load.

In other words, the percentage of power actually working out of the total amount of power input,

which indicates how efficient a building or equipment uses power.

The Sensway energy platform can measure the power factor at up to 30 loads at a time,

saving you time to measure by moving places on a single power meter.

6. Harmonic Distortion

THD is a measure of the waveform distortion of the electrical service

on a voltage or current waveform.

Too high a THD can cause electrical devices to overheat over time,

especially the transformer to fail.

Therefore, the power company is connected to distributed power distribution system standards

and transmission.The distortion of electrical distribution facilities should be monitored

for safety checks. With Sensway, you can enjoy secure electrical services

through the monitoring of power quality and electrical equipment distortion.

Start Power Analysis with Sensway.

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